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Trash to Treasure is a non-profit organization that has a mission to locate clean, re-usable materials and redistribute these items as valuable educational and artistic resources.

Trash to Treasure is a non- profit organization that focuses on:


  • Sustainability and community
  • Education about reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Climate protection
  • Economic and environmental justice
  • Supporting the relationship of art and the environment 

Our mission includes:

  • operating a facility for clean, re-usable materials (called "clean scrap")
  • redistributing these items as valuable educational and artistic resources to the community.
  • educating the public with workshops and events
  • fostering opportunities for discovery and imagination

Our Warehouse:

trash to treasure warehouset2t warehouse inside


Who We Help:

TEACHERS in Broward County often spend hundreds of dollars each year to supplement their classrooms with needed creative and interactive materials for their students. We help educators by providing an inexpensive source of materials in addition to workshops to learn how to maximize the creative and educational potential of these diverse materials.

BUSINESSES in Broward County pay some of the highest waste disposal costs in the USA. We help businesses identify materials destined for the trash that can be creatively RE-USED instead. This helps businesses achieve significant savings by reducing their waste disposal costs. Donating tangible property is also a no cost way for businesses to support non-profit organizations in the community and benefit from tax deductions.

ARTISTS, both professional and "crafty," are often on the lookout for interesting materials with which to work. We offer a variety of unusual materials for common purposes, and common materials for unique creations.

Our Values

We believe that sustainability and community are critical values that reflect the paradigm shift of the changing world. These values foster the arts, science, economic justice, environmental balance, peace and compassion.

How our resources~ our “stuff”~ are managed plays a profound role in environmental health or degradation, human well-being or deprivation, even war and peace. 


Our Vision is to provide an abundant and varied source of materials in order to:

REDUCE unnecessary consumption and waste of resources.
REUSE what is already available from the "clean scrap" waste stream.
RECYCLE after reusing for the short term.
EDUCATE by providing hands-on workshops to encourage the creative reuse of materials and to provide training in the use of open-ended materials and their inherent value in the learning process of adults and children.
COMMUNITY-BUILDING with local collaborations, relief efforts, and our community garden

Trash to Treasure Flyer

Help us spread the word by hanging up a flyer at your school or business!!

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Our extended hours are over, but we still have tons of supplies! Lets ALL help close the recycling loop by purchasing used whenever possible. Trash to Treasure is overflowing with wonderful supplies for teachers & students. We have pencils, markers, pens, paper, binders, folders, paint, crayons, pastels, large colorful bulletin board paper, fabric, playkits, a lending library, and tons of craft ideas.

Photo gallery sampling of our many supplies!

Raise money for Trash to Treasure just by searching the web and shopping online!

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give! 

Honoring Community, not the mall.
Honoring Community, not the MallWe are all familiar with the respectful reference to Mother Earth, but in the Native American Ojibwe language, the bar is raised by using both "Mother" and "Grandmother" to personify the human relationship with our precious, one-of-a-kind, Planet.

The heritage of nurturing community and creativity is at the heart of what Trash to Treasure Creative Reuse Center is about.

These are times of awakening and commitment to live sustainably with a renewed recognition of the values of thrift and responsibility. This journey to re-think the "stuff" of our lives is empowering and liberating.

Welcome to our World!

kids recycleFor Kids

Trash to Treasure members believe that imagination, play and learning are inseparable and that providing children with open ended materials stimulates discovery and develops problem-solving skills. Children who learn to think and create perform better academically and develop healthy self-esteem.


environmentFor The Environment

Trash to Treasure members are committed to reducing and recycling waste. Recycling saves money, energy and reduces air and water pollution while protecting our precious natural resources. Reusing clean scrap not only reduces disposal costs for businesses, it also reduces new product consumption, which also impacts the environment. As we learn to re-use what is available, the demand for a continuing supply of raw materials, and the associated environmental impact, is significantly reduced.


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