Trash to Treasure is a non-profit organization that has a mission to locate clean, re-usable materials and redistribute these items as valuable educational and artistic resources.

Board Of Directors

Casey Eckels - Founder / Executive Director

casey eckels executive director of trash to treasureIn 2004, Ms Eckels’ colleagues recognized her for 15 years of pushing the envelope on recycling in Broward County by awarding her with the Broward County Recycler of the Year Award. Although her educational background involved childhood education and human development, her environmental interests took her in an unexpected direction in the 80's to take a position in the county recycling program. The symbiosis between the fields of education, human behavior and waste reduction strategies have ended up fitting together. During her nine years with Broward County’s Recycling and Contract Administration Division, Ms Eckels was nationally recognized as an expert in Multifamily Recycling. She also created the acclaimed Children’s Recycling Fair. As Recycling Coordinator for the City of Fort Lauderdale for eight years until 2008, Ms. Eckels added mixed paper to curbside recycling and as a drop off in partnership with local schools, implemented workplace programs, initiated recycling at national events sponsored by the City, and pursued the use of recycled glass to renourish the Broward County’s beaches. Casey was one of 25 women in Broward County honored in March 2012 for "Women's History Month, as " contributing to the furtherance of women's education and empowerment in Broward County." Also an amateur artist, Ms. Eckel's position as Executive Director has allowed her to continue to use her energies to bring another cutting edge recycling program to the community and to nurture her own creativity and fulfillment in the process.

Michael Heimbach - Co-Founder / Board Member

Mike HeimbachMr. Heimbach has been in the solid waste/recycling industry in Broward County for 17 years. He has an extremely diversified background.

He spent 8.5 years working for Broward County in both the solid waste and recycling divisions. He ran the Broward School Board Recycling program and the Broward County Office Paper Program for 4.5 years. He was an integral participant in the initial start-up of Broward County's waste-to-energy facilities and has experience with landfill operations and flow-control issues.

Prior to joining Trash to Treasure, Mr. Heimbach ran Hallandale Beach's solid waste program which provided direct service to the community while maintaining one of the lowest costs for service in the County.

MaryBeth Burton

MaryBeth BurtonMaryBeth Burton has been with Trash to Treasure since 2007. Following her fifteen year employment at FAU's Center for Urban & Environmental Solutions, she spent two years as a full-time volunteer with T2T, focusing her life on sustainability and educating others about implementing sustainable practices in their lives and communities. Ms. Burton is currently a student in Broward College's nursing program and plans to bring nvironmental awareness to the healthcare field. In addition to serving as secretary of the board, Ms. Burton is also an active volunteer with Fort Lauderdale Recycle Works, the Chula Vista
Isles Neighborhood Association, and Unity of Fort Lauderdale.

Ms. Burton holds a BS Degree in Marketing from Rutgers University and a Master of Landscape Architecture Degree from North Carolina State University.


Nanette Saylor

Nanette Saylor Trash to Treasure Creative Reuse Center Board PhotoNanette Saylor is a small business consultant and coach committed to providing forward thinking entrepreneurs with tools to embrace their businesses.  A keen strategic analyzer who understands the every function of business operations, management and marketing, Nanette teaches her clients to effectively project, measure, and manage their growth and success.

A graduate of Cornell University’s esteemed School of Hotel Administration, Nanette brings a wealth of experience to her clients. She has worked with both large corporate organizations and small independent companies.

Today Nanette is passionate about working with organizations and individuals that support a sustainable economy, community good, self discovery and overall wellness.

Twenty five years in the workaholic-style hospitality industry taught Nanette that life and work should be more then an out of control "to do list" and an out of control inbox.  Nanette brings her hard won wisdom, a valuable set of eyes and hands, and a unique combination of warmth and polished professionalism to all that she does.

An active community supporter, Nanette is a graduate of Leadership Broward and certified in the MastHERmind program. Currently serving on the Board of Directors of Trash2Treasure, she has served on the board of the Greater FLL Chamber of Commerce, The FLL Lodging & Hospitality Assoc, and the Las Olas Association.  Passionate about empowering women as community leaders she sits on the Advisory Board of Women That Win and is the Boca Raton Chapter Leader of The Women's Wellness Society. 

A long time resident of South Florida, Nanette lives in Boca Raton, Florida with her life partner, Bill. When she’s not working Nanette spends her leisure time fishing, creating, enjoying the beach, and hanging out with her amazing daughter, Meredith, who lives in Fort Lauderdale.

Leona McAndrews

LeonaI first started having an interest in recycling in the early '90s.  I was lucky enough to move from "interested" to actively employed in a environmentally-related organization.  I started with Broward County in 1988 at Mass Transit then worked at the Recycling & Contract Administration Division (1991-1994).  I've spent the last 17 years working in the human services arena, but have never given up my environmental causes. 

My passions are recycling, repurposing, arts & crafts, TerraCycle, and electronics recycling.  I believe in getting the word out about Trash 2 Treasure whenever possible.  My contribution to the organization is Publicity.

Lisa Max

Ms. Max knows the recycling business from top to bottom. She owned and operated her own consulting firm which showed companies how to save money by recycling and other environmental strategies. Then later going out and collecting and processing it herself through her recycling company.

This was followed with experience as Director of Development at the National Audubon Society and extensive grant writing in the health care industry. As a seasoned fundraising professional, it is clear why Ms. Max was chosen to be a Board member.



Johnny Yuen

Johnny Yuen has been actively volunteering since 2005. As an art student at Deerfield Beach High, he has been teaching the young how to create art at the Coral Springs Museum of the Arts.  It wasn’t until his senior year that he began volunteering at Trash 2 Treasures. He hopes to use his knowledge about being green to educate his peers and the community, in order to lower our carbon footprint.

Johnny is currently studying computer science and ocean engineering at Florida Atlantic University. His goal is to use his knowledge in order to create a cleaner, more sustainable environment for our future.  In addition, he also is an amateur photographer; in his spare time he goes to botanic gardens and nature reserves to capture moments of time many others may take for granted.



George Gadson

George Gadson is a Duke University graduate and self-taught artist who understands the role art plays in providing quality of life and vitality to a community. Based on numerous studies that show art as a key element to breathing new life into the "soul" of a community and its residents, Gadson seeks to bring back to life the forgotten history found in many communities and capture civic memories through creative design works. Such efforts aid in rebuilding the tangible and intangible characters of the community, bring disparate groups together, create safer neighborhoods, and promote a greater sense of belonging. Gadson seeks inspiration by studying both people and nature and is well known for his powerful sculptures, his poignant depiction of the lives and telling faces of people, and moments in time through photography.

Gadson is credited with organizing and facilitating various community based surveys, focus groups, community visioning and strategic planning. Today, he is one of Florida's most versatile and celebrated African American renaissance artists. He works independently and collaboratively with design teams of engineers, architects and construction firms to create site specific work.

Cheryl Miller

Cheryl Miller has been the City of Deerfield Beach's Recycling Coordinator since January 1999.

The City of Deerfield Beach's recycling program is widely recognized as being South Florida's most progressive program. Using city crews, the City does more than just collect materials at the curb. Business, condos, and schools participate in the program. Materials are collected using roll offs, dumpsters, roll carts and bins. The City also provides the community with a Drop-Off Center that collects over 18 different recyclables.

Ms. Miller's commitment was recognized by her peers when she was named Broward County's Recycler of the Year in 2005. She has championed innovative projects such as glass to beach restoration, mixed paper recycling, and records destruction/recycling.

Previously, she worked in Dallas as Recycling Coordinator from 1996-1998.

Sarah Goff

Sarah GoffSarah Goff grew up on the island of Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands where she was more interested in picking up trash than looking for sea shells.  After graduating from New College in Sarasota with a BA in Natural Science and Fine Arts, she embarked on a fashion career in New York City.  Eventually, her concern for the world she lives in and a desire to be closer to family led her to South Florida where she fell in love with Trash to Treasure and all the hard working folks that make it happen.

Her interest in gardening and nature has since brought her to north Florida where she enjoys the woods and the space for a large garden. She is a freelance website/graphic designer ( and continues her involvement with Trash to Treasure by updating the website.