A Trip to Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers or Ft. Myers, situated in Lee County, Florida is the coastal county and commercial hub of Lee County, Florida. As of the 2021 U.S. Census, the population was slightly over 62,000 and in the upcoming year is anticipated to reach 87,000. This coastal city has a lot to offer. It is known for its beautiful beaches, golfing, fishing, water sports, and its closeness to the world-famous Disney Empire. In this article, we will go through some of the major characteristics of this unique city.

The Fort Myers Beach Resort is an excellent place to be while on vacation. This natural beach town has everything from easy going fun to luxurious spa-style relaxation. There is even an amusement park in downtown Fort Myers. This amusement park is located at the corner of University Drive and Northwest Boulevard. Here, you can have a variety of rides and games. Another option is to spend your time swimming, sailing, boating, and just enjoying the beach.

The Fort Myers Beach Theater is a great place to enjoy a show while in town. The theater features four screening rooms as well as several restaurants. The theaters are located on either end of the main pedestrian street called Main Street. Every night, starting at about 9 p.m., a live string quartet performs.

The Lee County Public Library is an excellent resource for all your education needs. It also happens to be one of the finest libraries in the state of Florida. The library has two branch locations: The North Naples Branch and The Fort Myers-St. Petersburg Branch. The library has two full floors that are filled with books, periodicals, and other reading materials. There are also many self-service learning areas where children can take a computer course or an internet tutorial class.

Another recommendation for free things to do because of Fort Myers is a music walk. This walk brings hundreds of local musicians to the downtown streets every Sunday during the month of June. You can find the music walk at most parks in the city. The main streets used for the music walk are Northeast 11th Avenue and Pine Avenue.

This is also a free activity that you can do in order to gain some expert tips and information about the area. This photo courtesy activity is also very popular in the area. It takes place every Saturday morning at approximately nine a.m. You will need to bring along your camera, a camera phone, a walkie-talkie, and a friend or family member who is also going to participate in the activity. The photo beach is located on Northeast 11th Avenue between Second Avenue and Pine Avenue.

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