Green Earth Initiatives Around The Globe [Namibia]

Green Earth Creations (GE) CC, a Namibian-based recycling SME was established in January, 2021 with the aim to re-invigorate Namibia’s recycling manufacturing sector. A team of dedicated and experienced volunteers, the company continues to progress towards its goal of making Namibia a world leader in the area of waste and recycling. With its focus on providing the community with direct access to the service provider, the company is making a real difference in the lives of communities in Namibia. This project is in the hands of ordinary people like you and me. By donating your old electronics and appliances to this program, you will be directly contributing to the overall health of your community.

Namibia is currently ranked 35th out of the world’s most developed countries for its waste management activities. As the country enters the next phase of development, it is expected that the role of waste management will also play a more active and pivotal role in Namibia’s development. This will be achieved through improved coordination and a more cohesive national action plan. Through the efforts of GECC, communities can access important information regarding Namibia’s waste management system and a better understanding of how it can improve their communities. Through this, they will be better informed in making their own positive changes at their locality and as a whole.

Through a simple, cost-effective, and carbon-friendly process called “composting”, garbage is transformed into valuable organic material such as compost and fertilizer, which can then be utilized by gardens, farms, and communities. Through “green construction” techniques and practices, household waste can be turned into useful biodegradable material that can be used for a variety of human and animal purposes. Through this, by contributing your garbage to the local garbage collection center, you can be assured that your waste will be properly recycled and that your carbon footprint will not be minimized by the facility.

The second phase of GE Communities – green building – is about encouraging people and communities to take responsibility for their waste and recycling. The concept entails helping people become more aware of their carbon footprint, understanding their impact on the environment and actively taking an active part in creating a safer future for the community. Through this service provider, you can share with them your waste and recycling needs and receive appropriate recycling and composting services. These will help you recycle all your waste and further contribute towards lessening the strain on the environment. A service provider like GE Community will not only act as your advocate when it comes to waste and recycling management in your community, but they can also provide you with various other environmental consulting services, including advising you on how you can make an even bigger impact on the environment.

Another way in which green building concepts are implemented in Namibia is through “green construction”. As the name suggests, the goal here is to build a building that is environmentally friendly by employing sustainable construction techniques and materials. This will include sustainable building codes, low-energy solutions, natural ventilation systems, sustainable heating, and cooling systems, etc. The end result will be a building that is free from any hazardous waste, which will greatly benefit the environment. In addition to being completely green, this type of construction is also highly efficient, as the end result tends to have a very high durability and efficiency rating.

The third phase of “GE Community” project involves consulting with people affected by the environment. You can use this opportunity to gather information on ways in which you can make a difference. They will provide you with ideas on how you can recycle your household waste, how you can reduce your energy consumption, how you can redesign your home to incorporate energy-saving features, and many others. If you are feeling stuck with your current lifestyle and looking for ways in which you can make a difference, consulting with an expert might be just what you need. With their expertise, you can gain a better understanding of how you can help protect the environment, as well as how you can start making a difference within your own community.

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