Is Your Trash Killing Dory?!

How do we judge the effect of trash on ocean life? It seems that everywhere we go we see plastic and other garbage bags. Is it just the humans that are concerned with the effect of trash on ocean life? I was at an aquarium show recently and the questioner wanted to know if ocean plastics and other garbage could have an effect on fish in the ocean. The answer might surprise you. We know plastics and other garbage can harm or even kill some creatures, but not all.

In fact, according to Kelly Ripa of the National Oceanography Institute, a scientist for the National Marine Fisheries Service, “the vast majority of fish populations in the open oceans do not suffer from the effects of litter and plastic bags”. That’s according to Ripa, a research scientist for the National Marine Fisheries Service. It is also worth noting that there are currently large populations of fish in the ocean that are protected. Those fish are not having their reproductive populations diminished as a result of trash that could easily be taken care of. This data just goes to show that although plastic bags and garbage can be a problem, it is far less of a problem than what is considered a real problem for us humans.

While it is true plastic bags and other forms of trash can have an impact on the marine life, what really has a negative impact is the litter itself. As Ripa states, “The tiny plastic beads that make up much of the waste are not only bad for the environment but actually harmful to the marine animals living in the water”. Fish die when they ingest these small plastic pieces. The effects of trash on ocean life are more about the litter than what is inside the bags.

You see, plastic bags and other forms of trash are big contributors to the problem. As Ripa says, “Plastic trash is not just bad for our planet – it’s also killing our oceans”. This is because plastics do not decompose naturally and instead they form such large clumps that they become a breeding ground for toxic algae blooms. As this happens the creatures that live in the water are being damaged by this toxic bloom which leads to a lack of oxygen in the water.

When you think about it, the garbage and trash cans that we use today are probably bigger than the little plastic beads that made up the ocean’s trash a few decades ago. This fact alone should make us want to stop throwing our trash in our garbage cans. A very easy way to help stop the problem of trash and garbage cans is to purchase an all-in-one garbage bag machine. These machines can handle both paper and plastic bags and they come in a variety of sizes to fit most standard garbage cans. So, not only can you use your all-in-one paper and plastic bag machine to separate your trash into different bins, but you can also use it to separate your garbage and take out the trash that is less than six inches in size.

Another thing that the effect of trash on ocean life is having on our oceans is related to the amount of sunlight that these creatures get. Ocean creatures that live in the deep waters of the ocean need a lot of light to survive. For them to have enough light they must move around a lot, and since they cannot stay in one spot for too long without re-emerging, they must move around. When they move around they put pressure on surrounding objects and this in turn causes slight damage to their hulls. If this continues and the surrounding objects keep getting damaged the organisms that live in those waters can become stressed, which can lead to death.

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