Recycling Around Florida [Naples]

The Naples Recycling Center, based in Naples, FL, is an eco-friendly Recycling Center which collects and accepts reusable materials. The Recycling Center effectively stops the collection of recyclable waste materials, limiting the volume of trash produced by Naples residents. You can also contact the Naples Recycling Center for information about:

There are several options to collect your plastics and other electronics. Some Naples recycling services even offer mobile sorting and pickup. In Naples, you can find any of the leading electronic recyclers like E-onics, Best Buy, Circuit City, Radioshack, and Best Buy. These leading providers of electronic waste recycling programs work in partnership with the manufacturers of consumer electronics to create a one-stop shop for collecting your electronics. Naples recycler will sort, package, and ship your items to you, regardless of what your electronic devices are.

Naples is serviced by two major auto salvage yards; Immokalee Auto Mall and Navelock Auto Mall. If you live in Immokalee, you can go to Immokalee Auto Mall to look for a free and accessible collection bin, or go to the Navelock parking lot on State Road 452 for collection. Both places offer convenient collection and drop-off locations, along with information about the environmental justice programs of both the Naples and Immokalee county government. In Immokalee, you can also visit the Navelock recycling drop-off location on State Road 452.

For more comprehensive information on electronics recyclers in the Naples and Immokalee areas, contact either the Environmental Protection Division of the Naples County Commission or the county’s public safety office. They provide information about the different electronics recycling programs in the area and what the requirements are. You can also learn about the various laws that govern dumping, along with the requirements that relate to collecting and transporting materials. These agencies also provide a list of approved manufacturers and approved recyclers.

There are a couple of approved methods for collecting materials in Naples and Immokalee. There are standard orange recycling carts, and green (glass) carts. Both of these types of carts have recycling program components. Glass, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and paper are all acceptable materials for the glass recycling program in Naples. Paper can be collected in one of two designated places, in front of the Naples recycling office, or at one of the designated drop-off locations.

Recycling programs are designed to reduce the landfill use and the volume of solid waste generated in the state of Florida. They also promote environmentally responsible behavior in the community and help to support good health for all citizens. The Naples/Immokalee Solid Waste Management Control Plan (SNWPCP), established in 1992, has been a model for other counties throughout the state. It gives an overview of the current system and explains what changes need to be made to the system to meet current needs.

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