Trash to….Treasure??? [REALLY?]

“Trash to Treasure” is the latest upcycling idea in Florida upcycling. This advertising campaign from Realtor Scott Hamilton of Fort Lauderdale, Florida helps homeowners to recycle their old garbage and turn it into a money making businesses. “Trash to Treasure” will feature local crafters as they create unique items out of your old trash. These merchants will sell these trinkets on a website, using the trash as collateral for the loans.

(Visit Trash2TreasureFL’s Facebook page to see their current offerings!)

“Trash to Treasure” is not the first upcycling idea to come to life in Florida. There are several other upcycling events in Florida that use recycled materials. A few of these events include a large-scale upcycle at the St. Pete’s Garden in Tampa, where over one thousand pounds of recyclable trash was collected, including plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper, and tin cans. There is also a big upcycle at the Miami International Airport. Several hundred bags of grocery bags and polypropylene shopping bags were collected and will be put to good use.

As part of the campaign, Realtors in the Fort Lauderdale area will also offer special low cost deals to homeowners that encourage them to recycle their trash. The Realtor will collect the homeowner’s list each month and mail out flyers with a coupon for a free trash bag or container, or a half a dollar off any cleaning and maintenance supplies, according to the flyer. The coupon can also be printed and affixed to the homeowner’s refrigerator, washroom door, and car windscreen.

Other Florida upcycling ideas focus on water. One company, Treasure Island Waterproofing and Restoration, specializes in water restoration. A newer company, Treasure Island has also joined in the effort and offers a full range of environmentally friendly products including, floor mats, garbage can liners, and a variety of cleaning products. Treasure Island also recycles paper along with plastic. Many of their products are made from recycled materials, so the goal is to reduce your carbon footprint.

One of the most interesting upcycle ideas is a mobile coffee service. You can purchase a van, park it in a convenient location, and then hire individuals to go from home to business and bring cups and coffee. The coffee van is outfitted with large pots, a filter, coffee beans, and a coffee machine. Once you’ve filled the van with your supplies, each individual can take one cup at a time and fill it at their leisure. They can then leave the van, and it’ll be there when they get ready to make the pickup.

Trash is important. It helps keep the air clean, keeps the earth clean, keeps the water fresh, and keeps people healthy. Take control over your trash and help keep the world clean. It’s easy. It’s fun. You’ll love how it makes your yard look!

Want to see a few ideas of what kind of treasure you can make from simple trash?

Watch the video below!

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